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Integratin Technology; Powerful Performance
Integratin Technology; Powerful Performance

Model:CB-250A(W) Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Selective feed carriage rest position, either at front position for maximum stock clamping or at rear position for maximum efficiency.

Maximum stock feed length up to 3600mm (with 9 times multiple feed).

Deceleration at the end of stock feed stroke to eliminate the impact influence to stock feed accuracy.

Coolant channels in blade guide inserts for optimum cooling effect.

Spring loaded ratchet type blade tensioning lever which locks the lever once the set blade tension has been reached, safe, stable and easy to operate.

Adopt PLC programmable controller for easy maintenance.

Digital read-out for feed length setting, accuracy within 0.2mm.

Cutting height is set automatically by rapid approach sensing rod for maximum efficiency.

Automatic shut-off when blade slips, blade breaks, out of stock and cut pieces reached preset number.

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