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Nano-Silver Photocatalyst Honeycomb Filter
Nano-Silver Photocatalyst Honeycomb Filter

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Our Nano-Silver Photocatalyst Honeycomb Filter evenly coated via dedicated apparatus with solvents of Nano TiO2 and silver based formulas proportionally blended with exclusive non-organic glues.It is applied by special equipment for processing materials in the filter. This unit is wear-resistant, durable, consistently stable, and approved to be excellent in bacterial-resistance, deodorization. The world-recognized labs to HEPA-grade air purification to effectively filter suspended particles. Coming in non-woven fabric (10-plus-times washable) and aluminum, this unit can be custom-designed and processed to suit assorted air fresheners. Contact us for customization. OEM co-branded: 3M, HUNTER, Honeywell .etc.

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