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LED T8 调光灯管
LED T8 调光灯管

产品型号:FZL-T8-03 Series-Switching Dimmable 原产地:台湾


FZL-T8 LED Tube Lights are available with FZLED's newly innovated dimming function. Requiring no starters and with no need to remove traditional ballasts the FZLED T8 Tube Lights can be used by consumers immediately, without complicated installations. With lifetimes of at least 35,000 hours these high-quality LED lighting products are excellent for indoor, architectural, flood, and mood lighting.

Using Liteon 5050 SMD LEDs, the two feet long T8 LED Tube Light uses 12 watts of power and produces up to 850 luminous flux (lm) while the four feet long T8 LED Tube Light uses 22 watts and produces up to 1700 lm. Both sizes are available with bright 6000K CCT, softer 4000K CCT, or softest 3000K CCT. With high power-conversion ratios, replacing traditional T8 tubes with FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights can provide over fifty-percent in energy savings.

• Liteon LED
• Controlled by standard on/off switches
• Switching Dimmable (100%/50%/25%/12%)
• Power consumption up to 12W and 22W for different length of FZL-T8-03
• G13 socket compatible
• Starter Free
• No need to remove traditional Ballast
• CE, FCC and ETL Approved

Product photos and detailed specs are available at: http://www.fzled.com.tw/products.php?KindID=1

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