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LED 灯管
LED 灯管 Hot

产品型号:LL-T8 原产地:中国


1. High performance SMD led:low light degradation,up to 75% lumen

maintenance after,35,000hrs operating.High colour consistency.

70% energy saving over traditional fluorescent tube.

2. Fully-automated SMT machine soldering.

3. Standard diameter:25.4mm, Net weight: 0.497kg for 1.2m T8.

4. State-of-the-art Aluminum back housing.

5. Plastic end caps ensure to pass 4000V HI-POT test.

6. High power factor: 0.95

7. No UV and IR radiation.Flicker free.

8. CE&ROHS compliant.

公司名称: 香港点亮灯饰有限公司
联络人: 汪小姐 (经理)