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Standard battery chargers
Standard battery chargers

产品型号:WT-1280-TB, WT-2440-TB 原产地:台湾


WT-1280-TB, WT-2440-TB Battery Charger with MOS-FET Switching Supply with Short Circuit and Overload Protection

3 stages charging
Remote control: Accessories No. 900-RC
Temperature sensor: accessories No. TF-500
External dip switch: voltage selectable, charging timer selectable
No trickle charge to be bill off electrolyte
Design for installation anywhere on board
Maintains batteries in perfect condition and prolong their useful life

Battery connection:two
Input voltage range: 115V, 98 to 132V AC/50 to 60Hz: 230V, 207 to 253V AC/50 to 60Hz
Charging and voltage: 12/24V: 14.4/14.8V;28.8/29.6V

Economic charging voltage 12V/24V: 13.8V/27.6V
Max battery capacity: 12/24V: 800/400Ah
U0 phase limitation: 4h or 8h
Max charging current: 12/24V: 80/40A
Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degrees C
Dimensions: 230 x 108 x 375mm
Fuse: 115V: T20A/250V / 230V: T10A/250V
Weight: 6.05kgs

Short-circuit protection
Overload protection
Reverse polarity protection
Over temperature protection

公司名称: 伟诚电子股份有限公司