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Handy Screeding Pads Set W/Plastic Cases
Handy Screeding Pads Set W/Plastic Cases

产品型号:PW-150-4BS 原产地:台湾 材质:TPV 颜色:Green


*Multi-national patent
*Ergonomics handy oblong design
*Flexible material helps to fill up the crack and remove the extra filler
*Easily take care of cracks between the tiles or bricks, to reinforce and cleaning as well
*Ideally fits rough or uneven surface and corner
*Can be used on the tiles or bricks cracks as well
*E-Z to take care of all expansion joints either full up or maintenance, even a beginner can work alone
*Four pieces of the handy pads providing varieties of shapes for most of circumstances
*18 possibly locations, the handy screeding pads for various types of bonding material such as *silicone and acrylate
*Ready for use on the bonding material whatever for retouching or repairing
*Can easily scrap away the bonding material once it overflowed
*To keep working areas clean and neat it helps to reduce dirt and smudges piled up

Handy Screeding Pads Set W/Plastic Cases
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