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Mini G2
Mini G2


Product Features
1. Outstanding Fixture Design
.Simple, slim and fashionable.
.New solid-state lighting source.
.Excellent mixture of high-end lighting technology and High-class taste.
2. Ergonomic Ecologic
.Comfortable light source.
.No hazardous substance, such as mercury.
.No direct & reflected glaze or flicker of light.
.No UV radiation avoids any skin injury.
.No IR radiation prevents heating-up the surface of object.
3. Reliability
.Provide a long service life operation.
4. Optical Characteristics
.Provide 500 Lux distance of light luminance.
.Color rendering closes to natural light.
.Unique optical micro Lens design.
.Use low power dissipation and high brightness LED.
5. Electronic Characteristics
.Use high efficient switching power supply for energy saving.
.Electromagnetic Interference protection.
.Multiple power supply ways: USB, and chargeable Ni-HM battery.
6. Mechanical Functions
.Smart design and space saving: use hinge for easily opening and folding.
.Long-life hinge: more than 10,000 times open and fold
.Power on and off automatically
.Adjustable lighting scope: the top hinge can open to 180~225 degree and it can rotate 270 degree.
Product Function
.For Lighting
.For Notebook & E-book operation
.For iPhone 3G/3GS/4G Charging
Product Specifications
Electronic specifications
Power input:
.DC 5V/450mA (USB Mode)
.Ni-MH battery 4V~6V/190mA~120mA (+/- 10%) ━ Drive lamp
.Ni-MH battery 4.3V~5.5V /850mA ~600mA ━ For iPhone charge
.DC 9V/190mA when light off ━ For battery charge
.DC 9V/90mA when light on ━ For battery charge
.Total power consumption: ≦2.5W (typical value)
.Battery specification: 4 × AAA 900mAh
.Battery driver LED lamp time:≧4H(when battery electric is not less than 80%)
.iPhone charge time: ≦ 15Min (when battery electric is not less than 80%)
.Battery full charge time: 8H when light on /
4H when light off
.ESD Level: air +/-8kv contact +/-4kv
.Lifetime: 25,000 Hours
.Operation temperature: -20 ℃~45 ℃
Optical specifications
.LED Quantity: 15PCS + 1PCS (Battery charge indicator)
.LED color Temp (typical): 6500K (+/- 10%)
.Luminous flux: 55 lumens (+/- 10%, USB)
.Battery charged indicator: LED turns blue when charged, and it turns off when battery fully charged
Mechanical Specifications
.Lamp body material: PC
.Power switch: Magnetic IC
.Power ON/OFF: On when lamp Open to 35°±5° degree and Off when less than 25°±5°
.Lighting scope: Top hinge can open to180~225 degree and 270 degree rotate
.Others (TBD)
Mechanical characteristics
.Cosmetic : Foxconn ID
.Mechanical data files : Pro/E files required
.RoHS required
.If paint is used : ROHS required / WEEE require
.Plastic mold tooling
.Tooling to be designed to minimize cosmetic defects induced by molding process
(sink, blush, weld lines, gate marks, ejector marks, etc.).
.Plastics flammability
.All Plastics to be Flame Retardant UL 94-HB or Better Label
.Regulatory label / Carton label
Product dimension / Weight
.Unit dimension : 150mm x 43mm x 19.4mm (L x W x H)
.Unit weight : 89g (TBD)
.Gross weight : 158g(TBD)
.nner Packed unit dimension (Printed Box) : 203mm x 83mm x 32mm (L x W x H) (TBD)
.Packing method : 30 in 1 cartoon (TBD)
.Cartoon inner dimension : 342mm x 254mm x 225mm (L x W x H) - TBD
.Cartoon outside dimension : 360mm x 270mm x 250mm (L x W x H) - TBD
.Gross Weight : 6000g(TBD)
Environment characteristics
.Temperature : -20 to 45 degree C (USB)
.Humidity : 0 to 85%
.Altitude : 0-3000m
.Air pressure : 700-1100mBAR
.Temperature : -40 to 70 degree C
.Humidity : 85%
.Altitude : 0-12192m
.Air pressure : 190-1100mBAR
.LED MTBF : 36,000 hrs

Mini G2
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