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Table Type Dough Sheeter
Table Type Dough Sheeter Hot



450A/520A Table-Type Dough Sheeter (CE) THICKNESS HANDLE TOWARD UP
* This Table type dough sheeter can be used to make pastries, pies, biscuits, pitas, tortillas and etc...
* There are 4 different kind of models for this type of machines as follows.

Machine SpecificationsModelConveyor specPress RollerHPLengthWidthHeight450A,450A S/S TABLE TYPE DOUGH SHEETER430mm x 1700mm88mm x 435mm1/2 HP180cm76cm60cm520A,520A S/S TABLE TYPE DOUGH SHEETER515mm x 1700mm88mm x 520mm1/2 HP180cm85cm60cm
S/S: Coating plates are replaced by stainless steel plates

Product features:
* Various thickness adjustment and final thickness can be fixed
* All series of Dough Sheeter use PU conveyor.
* Application: pastries, pies, biscuit, pita, tortillas and etc.

Per Unit Pricing:
* 450A => $1835 FOB
* 450A (S/S) => $2170 FOB
* 520A => $1920 FOB
* 520A (S/S) => $2295 FOB

公司名称: 享联实业有限公司