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Rotary Infrared Chicken Griller
Rotary Infrared Chicken Griller

产品型号:CG-1 原产地:台湾


* Option: UTPC-1 Underbuilt Tool & Preparation Chest
* Depth : 650mm
* Width: 960mm
* Height: 1060mm
* Net WT.: 185kg
* Shipping WT.: 210kg
* Electrical:
* Voltage 415V 380V 220V
* Watts: 9.3KW
* Capacity: 35 chickens.
* Units are standard with 111/16" legs.
* Stacked units are mountedon casters.
* Top-mounted fans draw air from bottom of oven cavity over the top mounted heating elements.
* Infrared heating lamps brown product evenly on all sides.
* Spit motor rotates at 2 RPM.
* Stacked units can be wired independently o can be wired with single point connection using the stacking kit accessory.

* Outer shell is stainless steel. 1" Rockwool insulation is applied to top and sides. Doors mounted on both front and back feature large, full sized tempered double pane glass for high visual impact. Each door swings open 180˚.
* Spits are easy to remove with out the use of tools for product removal and to facilitate cleaning.
* Oven interior is stainless steel and non-stick coated. Drip trays slope downward to grease pan.
* Controls: Located on oven's right front.

* Accessories: 7V-spits, 7 Baskets

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