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led Downlight
led Downlight

产品型号:SL-LP 原产地:中国


1. Edge lighting technology: Korea-made light panel units.

High transmittance and lighting perfromance.

2. Super thin with only Height: 26mm, save space and easy installation

with clips.

3. Superior combination of optical and mechanical design,

Frosted cover to avoid glare.Supoer slim only 26mm thick.

4. High performance SMD LED from Taiwan,guarantee 50,000

hrs life time, no maintenance . RGB color light optional.

5. Ideal for commercial, residential,under-cabinet, display case, shelf, etc.

6. CE&ROHS compliant.

Size: :¢95mm ,140mm,170mm,200mm,275mm,330mm

Power consumption: 5w,6w,9w,10w,18w,22w.

Lumen output: 75lm/w for whiter,70lm/w for warm white.

Working voltage: 24v DC.

公司名称: 深圳市景泰光电有限公司
联络人: zheng