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产品型号:7-1/2” & 9-1/2” 原产地:台湾


7-1/2” & 9-1/2” TURBO PLIERS
When the urgent need to use a wrench, a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a clamps or other fixtures to tighten or loosen the objects, you don’t need spend too much time to find a suitable size wrench or other tools as long as you use this pair of pliers can be easily handled.

Our standard of Turbo Pliers is over U.S.A. Ansi Standard.
7-1/2”Plier:Load test is 1500LB(ANSI standard is 450LB).
9-1/2”Plier:Load test is 3000LB(ANSI standard is 750LB).

The Gripping Span Remains Substantially Constant for any size workpiece.

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