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30W LED Track Light
30W LED Track Light

产品型号:CB-BL210 原产地:中国 材质:Aluminum 颜色:Blac, White


Key Specification

•High power LED application - 30W
•Cree LED chip
•Lumen output: 2150lm
•1050 aluminum heat sink, using automation stamping and assembly
•Beam Angle: 20°, 40°
•High power factor over 0.9, efficiency over 85%, CRI>74
•Long lifetime of 35,000 hours
•Light weight: 560g
•Environmental friendly, no UV or toxic substances
•Single arm design, more compact and lighter in weight
•Light fixture color: Black, White and Silver
•Track available: 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire

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30W LED Track Light
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