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Tissue paper cutter
Tissue paper cutter

产品型号:JY-330S Series 原产地:台湾


. Application:Facial tissue and Hand towel Cutting
. High Productivity
• Rotating and Revolution round architecture with a circular blade. Smoothly at the speed up to 80 times per minute.
. Automatic Blade Grinding System
• Set the sharpen counter, sharpen time and grindstone forward according to cutting times. Ensure the blade keep in sharpness.
. Highly Safety Design
• Multiple Cutter Blade Protective Architecture (Protective Fence + Safety Door +Sensor), provide Blade install tool kit for safety install and disassembly.
. Friendly Operating Interface
• Use Man-Machine Interface Operator to set the cutting speed and length.
. Easy Diagnostic
• Display the D/I and D/O status of PLC and Error Code, very easy to diagnostic and maintenance.
. Automatic Core Diameter Clamp Adjustment
Flexible Plastic Clamp with a big range core diameter adjustment.

Cutting Speed: 40~80 Cuts/Min.
Cutting Length: 90 ~ 300 mm at any size

公司名称: 钜研精密机械有限公司