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产品型号:V-501 原产地:台湾


These pedal bins are particularly good for use as kitchen bins as they are 'hands free' and this therefore means you don't have to wash your hands every time you put something in the bin and also the the pedal bins that are ideal for use as office bins and bathroom bins as well as being used in more commercial medical environments such as hospital bins and doctor or dentist surgeries too
3L Φ17*H25CM
5L Φ21*H31CM
12L Φ25*H40CM
20L Φ25*H62CM
30L Φ30*H62CM

These are available in different capacity and bears stylish and contemporary designs and textures. We can also customize these bins in terms of size, design, texture and raw material.

公司名称: 源昇金属企业有限公司