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USB Disc Share Cable
USB Disc Share Cable

产品型号:UB288-P2PSH 原产地:台湾 材质:PVC 颜色:BLACK


The PTEC USB Share Disc lets user access the Disc Drive of another computer. This is ideal for Tablet PCs, Notebook, or Netbooks that comes without disc drive. Using this simple cable device, user will be able to link into the CD, DVD, Blue-Ray disc drive of a remote computer and enjoy all functions available of shared disc drive. This includes listening to music, watching movies, software installation from CD, rebooting from disc drive, and burning to disc for backing up important data. In addition, there is even an easy file sharing function. Simply “drag and drop”, you can copy or swap files between 2 computers.
Supports CD/DVD/BD disc re-boot under BIOS.

•Supports audio CD track reading.

•Supports Read/Write CD/DVD/BD.

•Supports CD/DVD/BD disc burning function.

•Built-in auto installation. Supports Plug and Play.

•Supports Windows: 2000 / XP / Vista© / 7 (32 or 64 bit)/8(without RT vision),Mac: OSX v10.6 or later

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