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The vending lock is made in fine zinc die cast cylinder and steel studs, finishined with bright chrome over a matte textured face, which is standard-other finishes for your request.  It is namely for the applications of machine and equipment, locker, metal or wooden cabinet, vending or game machine, furniture, laptop or desktop computer, security devices, and so on. The quality made vending lock is a great choive for your need on security.

Most importantly, it is available for various mechanisms and security. The hardware is threaded nuts. The stud is applied in 1/2-13 threading standard, but it is also available for custome design. While operating the vending lock, the handle pops out 3/4'' for full 360 degree rotation. The rotation is controlled by a universal reversible stop plate, and it can also rotate in 90 degree.

Founded in Taiwan in 1995, we are an ISO certified company. V.L. has been engaged in this lock business for the past 16 years. If you are looking for secure and quality vending lock, we are the primary selection for you. Please contact us for further information about our locks.

• Pop-Out handle lock typically used in vending applications engineered to be used with standard pop-out cylinders.

• Material: Zinc die cast cylinders, steel studs.
• Mechanism:
◦ Handle comes complete without cylinder.
◦ For available cylinders with various mechanisms and security.

◦ C865H: When unlocked.
◦ Handle pops out 3/4" allowing full 360 degree rotation.
◦ Rotation as standard, for 90 degree left rotation, please specify when ordering.
◦ Rotation is controlled by a universal reversible stop plate.
◦ Finish: Bright chrome over a matte textured face is standard-other finishes available upon request.

◦ 1/2-13 threading is standard.
◦ Other studs are available.
◦ Contact factory for other requirements.
• Hardware: Threaded nuts are available.

公司名称: 展迪工业有限公司
联络人: Mr. Vance Lin (负责人)
Erica Lin (联络)