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RFID Wristband Tag
RFID Wristband Tag

产品型号:RFT500 原产地:台湾



RFT500 is wristband tag is designed to be worn around the wrist.
The tag can be used for people in the office or the hospital.
The panic button on the top can transmit an alarm to the backend service center and deal with the accident or emergency right away.
Besides, RFT500 provides temperature monitoring and take-off detection function helpful to realize the situation of the wearer.
Regarding to the data collision, RFT500 uses two-layer anti-collision technique, significantly reduce the loss rate than general product in the market.
Furthermore, friendly and easy setup function is flexible for different application.


◎ Characteristic Panic button, Temperature detection, take-off detection
◎ Anti-Collision Two-layer anti-collision technique
◎ Operation frequency 433.92 MHz
◎ Signal Strength Default -5dbm
◎ Transmission Range Max. 60m
◎ Modulation GFSK
◎ Tag ID 999999 unique IDs
◎ Temp. Detection Range 0℃ to 40℃
◎ Length 1.88”
◎ Width 1.25”
◎ Height 0.54”
◎ Weight 15g
◎ Case ABS + PC
◎ Operation Temperature -20℃ to 70℃
◎ Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃
◎ Power CR2032 Coin Cell (replaceable)
◎ Battery Life Typical 2 years (at 25℃)

公司名称: 阿丹电子企业股份有限公司