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Multi-Channel Automotive Noise Finder
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Multi-Channel Automotive Noise Finder

Multi-Channel automotive noise finder is a portable equipment to diagnose the defect of the vehicle. When the generator is running, it can detect the impact and vibration due to the defect and failure of bearing, gear, valve, crank, cylinder, gear box, and vehicle body…etc.

With this equipment, the repairer can clearly locate which part of the machine cause the noise and how serious is it; even though the repairer operates the equipment in a very noisy environment. The operation is simple and easy. Plug the head-phone connector into the head-phone jack, then clip the four different colour alligator clips around the defect area of the machine. Base on the colour and the position of the clips, select the relative channel. Switch on the amplifier and tune the volume to hear the sound from the machine. Technician can therefore diagnose the machine base on the frequency and the pitch of the sound.

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