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神准推杆 DA-01

神准推杆 DA-01



Transparent Putter DA-01

Through the transparent square (please ignore the white line first), square stance to aim the target.

After check the square, use white line to do small adjustment and aim the target. As finishing dual aim, use white line to proceed the straight movement.
With dual aim system. It helps the golfer to double check and aim the straight line accurately. The bright line helps the golfer to aim the target precisely as at dawn or dusk with great sight. It is easy to train by any gestures of following the straight line. Please see the attached. Besides, the design is fashionable. The @didi golf putter coach device is your assistant instructor all the time. The @didi are awarded the patent rights of China, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Australia … etc. worldwide.

公司名称: 诚正科技股份有限公司