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Folding Pedelec E-Bike (Kangchi Segway)

Folding Pedelec E-Bike (Kangchi Segway)



In urban , "Kangchi-Segway " is a special design of folding e-bike to solve the traffic issues, e.g., Parking, Power charge and Theft. Due to high portability, it can move anywhere freely such as on the stairs, in supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, hospitals, subway, railway and high-speed rail. And the bike user will feel how convenient it is with Remote Control / self-propelled function. It is like a valet to help you carry heavy things when you are not riding. In pedestrian area, bike user can stand on Kangchi-Segway for moving like a Segway. It is not only for fun but also saving stamina.

公司名称: 康奇技研有限公司