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iPad塑胶安全锁框 (适用于iPad2, New iPad. iPad4)
iPad塑胶安全锁框 (适用于iPad2, New iPad. iPad4)

产品型号:CFC-3633 原产地:台湾


1. Light-weight, portable, easy to operate.
2. More protective to avoid scratch the iPad.
3. More security for your iPad.
4. Rugged and versatile design.
5. High tech shock absorbers pad inside.
6. Scratch free-Metal case non-direct contact with iPad.
7. With heavy duty security cable lock ( LKCP-3393: 4-dial combination type)
8. Also set up stand (by lock) for convenient horizontal or vertical view.
9. Patent in USA, Taiwan. China

公司名称: 英格马有限公司