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Parallel Action Clamps
Parallel Action Clamps

产品型号:BCP1 / BCP2 / BCP3 / BCP4 / BCP5 / BCP6


Parallel action clamps are valued for their ability to maintain squareness of the project they clamp. This results in fewer clamps needed and a more enjoyable clamping experience. In particular, these clamps feature large steel beams, hardened steel clutch and glue resistant non-maring clamp faces with over 5 sqr" of clamping surface per jaw. The comfortable dual-compound handle lets you input the highest available torque to the screw. The end stop stabilizes the clamp on flat work surfaces and is detachable so the clamp head can be reversed for spreading purposes.

(BCP1) 12"
(BCP2) 24"
(BCP3) 31"
(BCP4) 40"
(BCP5) 50"
(BCP6) 60"

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