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Automatic-Control GAS DECK OVEN

Automatic-Control GAS DECK OVEN




Energy Saving Oven
The regulated gas mixed with injected air generates blue flames that make the oven to reach setup temperature in the short time. After reaching the desired temperature, the burners do not have to work all the time and gas is consumed only several seconds to offset heating loss. Furthermore, because the oven is installed with compact low-thermal-conductivity insulation and precise digital temperature controller, heat retention of the oven is excellent and over-heating is greatly eliminated. These distinguishing features greatly reduce unnecessary energy wasting, saving money for the owner.

Multiple Safety Mechanisms in Compliance with CE Standards
Fault-component self-detection
The central control unit will detect its components before ignition. If a component is damaged or malfunction, the unit will stop working and notify the operator via the safety alarm.

Flame sensor safety device
The control unit is capable of detecting whether flames are normally ignited, there is incompletely combustion, and input supply is out of gas. After 6 second feedback detection, the unit will stop all controlling and notify the operator via the safety alarm.

False-stop-heating safety detection
If the temperature controller turns off the heating process, but the burner is still firing because of possible gas valve malfunction or gas piping leakage. The control unit is able to detect this situation and notify the operator by the safety alarm.

High-rating parts and enhanced control unit protection
The central control unit is composed of selective electronic components that require higher rating and can withstand harsher environment. The components are fully covered and sealed with protection glue and the whole controller board is further guarded in the plastic enclosure. These designs prevent possible damages and ensure normal operations in the high-heat and humid environment.

Double Solenoid Valves Safety Guard and Durable Piping System
Each burner piping is all controlled by two gas-grade solenoid valves. By doing so, this will double strengthen its working life and safety. Furthermore, all internal or external piping is used and connected with metal fittings to prevent possible damages such as collision and animal gnawing.

Precise Temperature Control and Uniformity in Baking
Independent, operator controlled top & bottom gas burners and the thermodynamic-design chamber make an uniform heat distribution over the entire chamber while providing precise temperatures. The resulting thermal condition of the chamber uniformly transfers the heat to the products. Top and bottom digital thermostats control each set of burner, allowing operators to determine the ratio of top vs. bottom heat and offering infinite possibilities to adjust the oven for baking every conceivable product.

Heavy-Duty and High-Precision Gas Burner
The gas burner is made of the seamless stainless steel tube fabricated by five axes bridge type machining center. The high-grade material offers robust structure to prolong burner working life. Ultra-tight tolerance machining is capable of having every gas oven to generate quality and uniform flames.

Contemporary Signature Style
Broadly angle edges, large supervising windows, premium brushed stainless steel front, and powder-coated black door handles deliver modern and professional taste. An elegant graphic-wording panel, precise dial-control knobs, and symmetrical control units are designed to maximize functionality, visibility, and your ease of use.

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