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Philips Fortimo LEDisk Spot LED Module.
Philips Fortimo LEDisk Spot LED Module. Hot

产品型号:202812 原产地:中国


LEDs : 1pc LED
Power Consumption : 12W
Current : 220-240V
Color Temperature : 2700 K
Norminal Flux : 720 lm
Eff. Flux : 55 lm/W
CRI : 80
Life Time : 25,000 hurs

20° tilt adjustable.
No driver needed.
12W power consumption.
660lm output.
Life time 25,000 hours.
CRI 80.

Straight to mains connections.
Product fit public spaces, retailer store, restaurant, display areas, waiting room, or commercial spaces.
Changeable LED Module.(Using screwdriver)
Replacement MR16 50W, GU10 50W, PAR30 75W, PAR38 55W and Masterline-TC 45W.

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