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5-Axis Machining Center
5-Axis Machining Center

产品型号:BX 500 原产地:台湾


BX series machines by Pinnacle offer the latest and most
precise 5-axis technology in the market. Simplify setup and
production of complex and multi-sided parts without
sacrificing precision and accuracy and saving time. Optimized
5-axis concepts meet every requirement and prevail in all
industries worldwide. BX series by Pinnacle are high rigidity
structures to provide the widest working range. high quality
Meehanite casting iron, tempered for stress relief and over
HB190 hardness to ensure deformation-free performance
year after year.

Integrated C axis with T-Slot Table (BX500/BX700):
1.Rotary table surface and standard T-slot table are on the same
plane, it accommodates larger and heavier work pieces.
2.Direct drive C axis (Built-in C axis).
3.0.001° minimum position accuracy supported by high rigidity
bearing and hydraulic braking system.
4.Permanent magnetic motor provides high torque output and high
power to meet different cutting application demands.
5.Turning function as option (BX700T)

5-Axis Machining Center
公司名称: 嵩富机械厂股份有限公司