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Double Column Machining Center
Double Column Machining Center

产品型号:DV 1722 原产地:台湾


•A. Available with Automatic Head Changer and head storage cabinet. The machine is capable of working with 90° head, universal head or extension head (Opt.).
•B. The cutting tool change can be automatically changed in vertical or horizontal direction.
•C. Applicable with Fork Type (B, C axis) head for 5 face machining.
•D. The milling head can be change manually as well.

Robust structure
•All major structural parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron with tempering
to relieve stress, ensuring maximum material stability without deformation.
•Box type structural parts are rib reinforced to increase structural strength and rigidity.
•Extra heavy base completely supports the table and resists heavy loads without

Double Column Machining Center
公司名称: 嵩富机械厂股份有限公司