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Vertical Machining Center Linear Guideways
Vertical Machining Center Linear Guideways

产品型号:SV 105 原产地:台湾


The ergonomical structural design
Pinnacle machines are all ergonomically designed to increase the comfort level of the operator, and to reduce the operator's physical fatigue during long time operation.
The distance between table and operator is reduced to the minimum, featuring easy
loading and unloading of work pieces.

Heavy duty
Now you can get the right VMC with the right features for extra heavy-duty machining, superior stability and excellent rigidity. Pinnacle's box way SV series are quality constructed throughout for maximum performance dependability - year after year.
If you expect a VMC that will provide higher machining efficiency to reduce production costs, then consider placing a dependable, heavy-duty Pinnacle SV series in your roduction line.

Vertical Machining Center Linear Guideways
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