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90 degree Edge Polishing Auxiliary Base
90 degree Edge Polishing Auxiliary Base

产品型号:GPW-A02A 原产地:台湾


90 degree Edge Wet Air Polisher for Slab (Stone,Marble,Granite)
•* Enables to set the polishing depth
•Polishing Thickness: 20~ 40 mm
•Max. Pad Size : 3" (75 mm)
•Length : 190 mm
•Width : 138 mm
•Height : 134 mm
•Weight : 1.67 kgs
•Packing: 8pcs/1.5cuft/G:15.5kgs
•* without Wet Air Sander / Polisher *

•Simple Operation
•Perfect Finishing
•Time Saving
•Polishing Thickness : 20~40 mm
•Fix the clamp width and avoid overtightening when facilitates moving.
•Polishing Depth Control (Max. 5mm): Enable to adjust / control the polishing depth, to avoid over-polishing which may cause uneven surface on the workpiece.
•18 rolling wheels to facilitate moving.
•Designed to fit various GISON's sanders / polishers /grinders, simply by changing the clamp.
•Quick change the abrasive / polishing pad while working.

•GPW-A02 90 degree edge polishing auxiliary base is used together with GISON's wet air sanders / polishers to accurately polish straight edges. This new product will remove the guess work and inconsistency normally exist when fabricators polish stone edges with diamond polishing pads. It accepts maximum 3" back holder and 3" diamond polishing pads.
•Caution: Although the rollers for the base are made of nylon, it is possible that they may cause minor scratches on the surface of granite. To prevent that from occurring, we recommend that the polished surface be covered with masking tape before using this product.

90 degree Edge Polishing Auxiliary Base
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