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Impact socket bits/ screwdrivers/ screwdriver bits/ nut setters/ bit sockets
Impact socket bits/ screwdrivers/ screwdriver bits/ nut setters/ bit sockets



Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd.
Impact socket bits, screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, nut setters, bit sockets
Since founded in 1976, Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. has specialized in making screwdrivers and related accessories for nearly 40 years.
Yun Chan insists on offering top quality, achieved by integrated in-house production to ensure qualitative consistency, backed by standardized quality control to meet international standards. The efforts have paid off, as the firm’s factory has been ISO9002 and ISO9001 certified for years.
Further, the veteran maker draws on its rich material knowledge to develop and manufacture products with high-grade steel, such as S2 steel from Germany. And it employs advanced quality inspection instrument, including Asia’s first torque test machine from Germany’s Schatz. Notable is that some of the firm’s experienced QC inspectors are certified by Schatz to show proven skills and good sense for quality.
The company offers screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, drill bits, Allen keys, bit holders, nut setters, impact socket bits, driver sockets, bit sockets, ratchet drivers and bit sets, all made completely in Taiwan and certified by the TUV quality inspection system to meet DIN and other international standards.
The company also satisfies customers with efficient, reliable OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) services with punctual delivery and competitive prices.

公司名称: 雍昌工业有限公司