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Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Ultrasonic Leak Detector



Ultrasonic leak detector utilizes ultrasonic sensor to check the airtightness of pipeline. The operation is easy and accurate. The instrument can identify the gas leakage of various pressure or vacuum system.
The transmitter will generate 40kHz ultrasonic signal, and it is used in conjunction with the detector to detecting the leaking location of the object. For example, the detector will detect signal leaking from the hole of the pipeline, and as user moves the detector, the hole can be located correctly. The main application is the tightness test of any kinds, for example, doors, windows, plumbing, container, car windows, refrigerators … etc.

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
Operating humidity: < 80 %RH
Frequency responding: 40kHz +/- 2kHz
Power: 9V battery
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40°
Operating humidity: < 80 % RH
Generating frequency: 40kHz
Power: 9V battery

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