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ASLGM 棘轮扳手
ASLGM 棘轮扳手 Hot

产品型号:ASLGM 原产地:台湾 材质:Chrome vanadium steel, Ratchet 72 teeth 5 degrees


- 12 point, 72 tooth ratchet gear needs only 5-degree swing arc
- Material: Chrome Vanadium
- Finish: Mirror / Matt / Satin
- Hardness: 47±2
- Torque: Comply with ANSI and DIN standard
- Unique design with the eye-catching shape,
- the light weight and longer handle body enable save the strength.
- Adjust the angle of ratchet box side to get more swing arc,
- so do the open side to decrease the turning change angle.

ASLGM 棘轮扳手
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