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iAccess™ Multi-Service Platform - FRM220-CH20,CH08,CH04A
iAccess™ Multi-Service Platform - FRM220-CH20,CH08,CH04A

产品型号:FRM220-CH20,CH08,CH04A 原产地:台湾



The FRM220 series is a multi-service chassis platform, which provides a reliable solution of high density media converter modules for applications such as telecom operator, enterprise, long haul transmission and factory automation. All of critical components of FRM220- CH20 and FRM220-CH08 chassis such as power modules, fans, management module and interface cards are hot swappable, allowing online field replacement. FRM220-CH04A is a fixed type AC, DC power built-in chassis. The available power options are built-in AC, DC power or built-in AC+DC, AC+AC, DC+DC redundant power. FRM220 series is offered in three chassis densities, a 2U 20-slot (FRM220-CH20), a 1U 8-slot (FRM220-CH08), and a 1U 4-slot (FRM220- CH04A)


▪ Supports AC/DC power module hot swappable and power redundancy (CH20 & CH08)
▪ Supports fixed type AC/DC power built-in and power redundancy (CH04A)
▪ Two alarm relays contact for critical events warning
▪ Interface cards are hot swappable
▪ Chassis backplane consists of passive components

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