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Flat Drain Tape
Flat Drain Tape

产品型号:DC00006 原产地:台湾


Fit for most small household drains, this thick highly flexible flat steel wire tape is supplied with a steel frame for easy use and storage. Wire is 1/4 in.(6mm) wide x 1/32 in.(0.8mm) thick.

•High carbon, oil tempered flat steel wire
•25 or 50 ft (7.6m or 15.2m) cable provides adequate reach into drains helping clear household clogs
•For use in most small household drains
•Clears 1 in. to 2 in. (25mm-50mm) lines up to 25 or 50 ft (7.6m or 15.2m).
•Closed wound spring boring head
•Steel frame holder makes this tool easy to use and store

Flat Drain Tape
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