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Magnetic Flexible LED Working Light
Magnetic Flexible LED Working Light

产品型号:CMC-D2521 原产地:台湾


It's a great tool for the garage or the workshop.
Magnetic Flexible LED Work Light
LED light illuminated from front & side. Nichia Japanese White LED Light
Flexible shaft can be bent to any shape
Magnetic Retriever 2 lb.
• NICHIA Ultra Bright white light LED with brightness up to 80,000-90.000 mcd allows to illuminate from front & side
• Flexible shaft can be practically bent to any shape
• Strong magnet tip head for magnetic retriever purpose, it will hold up to 2 lb.
• Attached a rotation searching mirror at the front end is available
• Powered by 2 pcs AA alkaline batteries
LED Brightness: 80.000 - 90.000 mcd
Battery: 2 x AA alkaline

公司名称: 可苙达有限公司