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Uncle Roast Automatic BBQ Grill

Uncle Roast Automatic BBQ Grill



Uncle Roast Universal BBQ Grill is an innovative special versatile grill can reduce scorched with 360-degree rotation automatically. Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and got patents on over 20 countries. It features a chicken roasting, a set of fish/meat clip net, a BBQ Net, a roasting roller and 10 BBQ forks, all accessories are all made by stainless steel. Not only built to last, also expanded grill possibilities.
Mini size provides a convenient way to stoage and move, suitable for small party or daily BBQ. The grill also has durable iron wheels so that you can easily move it into place and out of the way after you're done using it.
Uncle Roast was designed for those passionate about grilling. Outdoor cooking has never been easier and fun with it.

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