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交流电AC无段全电动拖板车 (2.0吨)
交流电AC无段全电动拖板车 (2.0吨)

产品型号:APT-20+EPS 原产地:台湾


• LED MDI-CAN multifunctional indicator has many internal functions: power display;
operating hours ; with CAN-BUS system, low battery protection alarm and shows all
trouble coding for easy service use.
• EPS Steering Arm (Electronic Power Steering) can work at 185 degree total arc for
extra convenience.
• Speed lowering automatically by 50% while steering.
• AC inverter circuit control system brings stability, power saving ,calmness and
• Speed setting adjustable by programmer.
• Lead-free PU baked enamel painting is composed of a
D detailed surface treatment, anti-rust primer
• Powerful long duration traction battery.
• Customization for clients' requirements.

公司名称: 恒智重机股份有限公司
电话: 886-37-220741
传真: 886-37-226152