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Smart Sine Long-run series (Tower)

Smart Sine Long-run series (Tower)

SS-1100L / 2200L / 3000L / 5000E / 5000L


The series is a long backup type, line interactive, with pure sine wave output. Besides the backup time can be as long as your external battery pack can provide, we also put more protection in the unit. The protection for reversed battery polarity is provided in case of a wrong connection. While if battery polarity was reversed, the UPS just doesn't work without any damage; and it will work until the connection is correct. Smart battery management with two charge modes, quick charge and trickle charge, are provided to maintain the batteries in the best condition.

Pure sine wave output.
Smart backup time estimation for any kind of battery (EBT system on LCD version).
Adjustable voltage sensitivity, voltage-transfer points, & charging voltage.
Generator compatible.
Automatic restart of load after UPS shutdown.
Smart AVR function (Two buck / boost modes).
Cold-start capable.
Audible alarm.
Hot-swappable batteries.
Network manageable (SNMP optional).
Full function of LCD display (LED display optional).
Smart battery management.
Intelligent double stages of charging control, Wet battery compatible.
Thermal control cooling fan.
Protection for overload, short circuit, & over heat.

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