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BI Series 400VA ~ 1200VA BI-5X40 BI-5X60 BI-5X80 BI-5X100 BI-5X120 BI-7X40 BI-7X60 BI-7X80 BI-7X100


With the most innovative design, the "BI" is made with several advantages you have never seen before on the LINE INTERACTIVE UPS. The smart battery management with high charging current (up to 3A) is able to reduce lots of charging time during the regular operation. Also, the indication for special status, such as "Replace battery", "Alarm off", "In Charging", "Boost" & "Buck", allows you to know the UPS situation at real time; or, you may select "Load level" indication to replace the special status when place an order to us. Smart AVR with two steps of buck/boost makes the output voltage more stable. This is a low-price but high-performance UPS.

Microprocessor: Controlled by a technologically advanced microprocessor guaranteeing high relibility.
AVR Function: Equipped with 2 boost & 1 buck AVR function to regulate output voltage.
Management Software: Management software is designed to monitor and control RS-232 Smart UPS and provides numerical and graphical display of the UPS status (eg.: voltage, frequency, load and etc.)
Cold Start Function: Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied.
Built-in CCCV Battery Charger: Constant current, constant voltage battery charger.
UPS Green Mode: Energy saving function.
RS-232 / USB port (Optional): RS-232 or USB port and cable for managing functions via PC.
Interactive UPS: Line Interactive UPS with interactive topology.
Off-mode Charging: UPS will charge itself even though power switch is off.

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