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MHS Antibacterial Moisturizing Liquid

MHS Antibacterial Moisturizing Liquid

MHS-005 (50ml) MHS-05 (500ml)


MHS Antibacterial Moisturizing Liquid
Clean and safe: mild cleansing ingredients BKC, no triclosan, no Paraben-type preservatives.
Hand moisturizer: The moisturizing ingredients have no alcohol and won’t cause dry skin.
Soothing plant extracts: Contains aloe vera, chamomile, and allantoin to strengthen the skin barrier and relieve discomfort caused by sun exposure, sensitivity, and dryness.
Registered with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), US National Drug Code (NDC): 90014
Use U.S. EPA-listed active ingredient against COVID-19, quaternary ammonium antibacterial (BKC)
Compliant with EU BPR Biocidal Product Regulation Verification
Passed the TUV EU REACH (SVHC) test: contains no harmful substances.
Passed the TUV Toxicity Analysis Report (CMR): contains no carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxins.
Antibacterial effectiveness tested by SGS, Super Lab
50ml portable size, 500ml economy size

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