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Back & Body Massager
Back & Body Massager

产品型号:RFH-801-6M 原产地:台湾


RFH-801-6M Wireless Control Massage Mat
6 tto12 vibrating motors giving patented cyclic massage action
9 massage modes - auto course and 8 manual selection modes
Auto course combines variety of upper/lower back massage modes up to 80 actions
4 speed adjustment
8 levels of intensity options
Memory function allowed to store the setting after use
Heat treatment for back muscles
Wireless LED hand control to custom design your massage
Size: 175 (L) x 50(W) cm
Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack (Model No. CH-PV-RFH-801-5-5M)

公司名称: 股立企业有限公司