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NC/CNC 内圆外圆研磨机
NC/CNC 内圆外圆研磨机

产品型号:ML-IG2S-CNC 原产地:台湾


CNC Internal/External grinding machine is an efficient tool to profile the inner holes. It can grind inner arc, outer arc, internal taper, inner groove andnon- spherical surface, etc. The geometric accuracy of this machine is up to 1 micron. It is very suitable for making screw molds. ID, OD and facing of the workpiece can be completed in one operation. This model can also be applied for grinding optical components and precision gears.
This machine is equipped with C-axis which enables the machine to complete angle grinding and blind hole grinding at the same time.

NC/CNC 内圆外圆研磨机
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