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Telescopic Transmission Jacks
Telescopic Transmission Jacks

产品型号:TJ500, TJ530 原产地:台湾


A professional hydraulic telescopic transmission jack for removal and installation of transmissions and transaxles on passenger cars, vans and light trucks.
MODEL TJ500 Capacity: 1/2 Ton
*Fully adjustable universal saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chain.
*Flash chromed rods inhibit rust from entering hydraulic system.
*Rugged welded construction prevents hydraulic-oil leakage.
*Foot operation allows for precise load control as well as rapid lifting.
*Wide base with four 3” dia. Swivel casters provide stability and easy maneuvering.
*Safety bypass system prevents the Jack from being over extended and beyond its rated capacity.
*The pedal can be folded up to prevent the operator from being injured during movement.
*Foot operated release pedal equipped with “Auto Spring Lock” design to lower the load with ease.
*Telescopic ram offers lowest height for easy and safe transport of workpiece by operator. N.W. 68.5 KG G.W. 71.5 KG CUFT. 3.4’.
MODEL TJ530 Capacity: 1/2 Ton
*Mostly similar to TJ500.
*Equipped with a double piston for 2X-lift speed without a load.
*A special bypass system allows the piston to revert to single action automatically for loads over 200 kg.
N.W. 71KG G.W. 74KG CUFT. 3.4’

Telescopic Transmission Jacks
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