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Air Filter (R-series)
Air Filter (R-series)

产品型号:RB-R series ;MB-R series


Description : King Master's air filters have been sold all over the world for many years for short ram pipe, cold air induction and turbocharger intercooler kit use. Providing excellent air filtration efficiency and durable. Mature products with public praise. You can refer to other related styles.

Features : -Patent pended.
-Mesh and cloth folded together with tidy arrangement.
-Upright and horizontal position instead of slanting.
-Curve arc design in the neck. To reduce air
turbulence condition.
-Induction vane design. To reduce air turbulence
-Provides excellent air filtration efficiency
-diverse size
-Easy to install
-Made in Taiwan

Specification : Item no. Width Height Neck
RB-R01 160mm 130mm 63mm
RB-R02 160mm 130mm 70mm
RB-R03 160mm 130mm 76mm
RB-R05 160mm 130mm 89mm
RB-R04 160mm 130mm 114mm

RB-R23 160mm 200mm 76mm (For Truck)
RB-R24 160mm 200mm 114mm(For Truck)
RB-R25 160mm 200mm 89mm (For Truck)
RB-R33 160mm 230mm 76mm (For Truck)
RB-R34 160mm 230mm 114mm(For Truck)
RB-R35 160mm 230mm 89mm (For Truck)

MB-R01 160mm 130mm 60mm
MB-R02 160mm 130mm 63mm
MB-R03 160mm 130mm 70mm
MB-R04 160mm 130mm 76mm
MB-R05 160mm 130mm 89mm
MB-R06 160mm 130mm 114mm
MB-R07 160mm 130mm 100mm

MB-R21 160mm 200mm 76mm (For Truck)
MB-R22 160mm 200mm 114mm(For Truck)
MB-R23 160mm 200mm 89mm (For Truck)
MB-R24 160mm 200mm 114mm(For Truck)
MB-R25 160mm 200mm 125mm(For Truck)
MB-R31 160mm 230mm 76mm (For Truck)
MB-R32 160mm 230mm 89mm (For Truck)
MB-R33 160mm 230mm 76mm (For Truck)
MB-R34 160mm 230mm 114mm(For Truck)
MB-R35 180mm 230mm 125mm (For Truck)
MB-R30 180mm 130mm (For Mitsubishi Use)

MB:Metal Base
RB:Hot Mold Rubber Base
Available Top Color with Chrome/Red/Blue/Yellow/
Black/Purple/Carbon Looks/others

Cloth colors:
Red(usually), Blue, Black-White grid(Flag Check)

公司名称: 昌昱企业社