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PCIe to PCI Bridge Controller
PCIe to PCI Bridge Controller



Genesys Logic's GL9701 PCI Express to PCI Bridge is a single-chip, high-performance bridge for connection between PCI Express and PCI bus domains. By supporting concurrent operation on both buses, GL9701 increase utilization in various system configurations. Through GL9701, customers can provide PCI add-in card by using newly developed PCI Express controller.

GL9701 supports enhanced 4KB configuration space defined in PCI Express Base Specification, and the register in enhanced configuration space controls its advanced features such as Virtual Channel, Advanced Error Report, and Device Serial Number. Software utility is provided for customers to access advanced feature in both normal bridge mode and reverse bridge mode.

With integrated silicon-proven PCI Express physical layer controller (PCI Express PHY), GL9701 provides a cost-effective solution for system vendors.

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