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Wheel Balancer
Wheel Balancer



The RATEC 502 is a modern machine, specially designed and made for tire shops, gasoline-stations and workshops. Input of all necessary wheel-dimensions for an exact balancing only with one turning-switch and one reading arm. These feature are the guarantee of a very simple usage.

Special Features
◆ Static and dynamic wheel balancing for cars small trucks and motorcycle wheels
◆ Clear and user friendly LED display
◆ Digital indication of all balancing results
◆ Display of the balancing values in gram or ounces
◆ Indication of static and dynamic unbalance at the same time
◆ Automatic GOOD-indication
◆ Start/Stop-automatic
◆ Self check after start of the machine
◆ Input of wheel dimensions with a reading arm for balancing the inner rim with adhesive weights
◆ Optimum rim access for adhesive weight attachment weight placement at 6 o' clock
◆ Compact and robust construction of machine housing

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