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Air Screwdrivers
Air Screwdrivers

产品型号:Pistol Handle Push Start Model


1. Standards:
. Tightening Torque: from 0.7 to 9.5Nm
. Torque Control System: stagger rail motion mechanism
(one pulse clutch)
. Easy to adjust torque
. Air Motor System: alternation switch system
2. Capability:
. Greater Comfort for The Operator (Ergonomic and Soft
Grip): the new T series are characterized by
extremely small dimensions, low weights and short
overall lengths.
. Easy adjusting fastening torque by tightening or
loosening nut torque indication
. Tighten to The Right: increase torque
. Loosen to The Left: decrease torque
. Low Standard Deviation: all controlled drivers
assemble and control the operation at the same time.
They guarantee the highest torque accuracy (+/-
standard deviation).
. Easy change of valve reverse (right/left) button
turn direction can be done.
. Large Torque Range and Low Vibration Level: the new
stagger rail motion mechanism allows to obtain the
low vibration level and large torque range.
. More Power: the new alternation motion mechanism
obtains more power.

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