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Down Light
Down Light

产品型号:RDC 235 / 2L


Key Features :
A new concept of Downlight which creates brilliant, beautiful and almost non-glare light.
* Reflector: Two anodized aluminium reflectors.
Central Reflector is specular and attached onto the polycarbonate diffuser. Outer Reflector is a sandblasted reflector.
* Trim: Die-Cast aluminium.
* Lamp-holder Housing: Polycarbonate.
* Gear Box: Polycarbonate.
* Diffuser: Polycarbonate frosted.
* Bracket: Steel.
* Ceiling cut-out: 235mm
* For lamps:
CFL 2 x 26W, G24q-3
CFL 2 x 32W, G24q-3
CFL 2 x 42W, G24q-4
* Optional accessories:
1) Cross Louvre of anodized aluminium.
2) Wallwasher of anodized aluminium.
3) Drop glass.

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