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Fluorescent Fixture
Fluorescent Fixture

产品型号:T5 AF-14101


Key Features :
* Housing : Aluminium extruding
* Cover : High strength safety and clear glass
* End Plate: Aluminium Die Casting
* Reflector : Anodized and polished aluminium
* Cable gland: brass with nickel-plating
* Mounting type: Surface or wall mounting by an adjustable bracket
1. Standard Arm Bracket length 160mm.
2. Arm Brackets extendable from 160mm to 240mm.
3. Extra short Arm Bracket of 35mm, making minimum gap between fitting and building structure and so enhance the light
performance and beauty.
* Class of protection: IP65
* Optional accessory of Louvre preventing from glare
* Dimensions:
T5-14W*1(AF-14101): L 600mm * W76mm * H75mm
T5-21W*1(AF-21101): L 900mm * W76mm * H75mm
T5-28W*1(AF-28101): L 1200mm * W76mm * H75mm
T5-35W*1(AF-35101): L 1500mm * W76mm * H75mm

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