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Dual-Core Multi-WAN QoS Firewall Router
Dual-Core Multi-WAN QoS Firewall Router



FQR7111 is a QoS Firewall router for Small Business & Internet Cafe. It can realize bandwidth aggregation by connecting to additional ADSL or fiber optical line as containing 2-WAN design. In the meantime, 2-WAN delivers the functionality of Load Balancing that is, according to sessions or IP addresses, each line gets the average utilization at the same time, realizing an optimization of bandwidth usage. Also, with the support of hardware NAT acceleration, users could visit the internet more quickly even when there are around 50 PCs in LAN.

Besides, FQR 7111 is a highly integrated device with exclusive SmartQoS, powerful firewall and management system. This router’s easy-to-use GUI management interface allows you to manage the whole network without the requirement of deep network knowledge. You can easily control the utilization of valuable network resources.

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