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产品型号:WM-4/80, WM-6/100, WM-6/150, WM-8/155 原产地:台湾


Models & Applications:
Models for making standard tubular sacks
 WM4/80: for 45~80cm tubes (lay flat)
 WM6/100: for 48~95cm tubes (lay flat)
 Models for extra-narrow tubes also available
Models for making larger tubular bags
 WM6/100: for 48~95cm tubes (lay flat)
 WM6/150: for 90~135cm tubes (lay flat)
 WM8/155: for 90-150cm tubes (lay flat)
 500~800kg-load container bags made-to-order
Models for making lamination & sandwich sacks
Making tubular webbing to be split and laminated for cement bags, chemical bags, etc.
 WM4/80: for single-piece 90~150cm webbing
 WM6/100: for single-piece 96~190cm webbing
 WM6/150: for twin-piece 90~135cm webbing
 WM8/155: for twin-piece 95~150cm webbing

Circular Loom
Circular Loom
Circular Loom
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